Below is the first story in Surf Tales, 'Magic Sandals' which is absolutely free, and I encourage you to download it and send it to all your friends and relatives. This is the only one with illustrations so far, but, if people are kind enough to donate some money, I'll pay Fraser to illustrate the rest and re-release them. Won't that be wonderful!

Following that are the full Series 1 and Series 2 collections (six stories in each) which I'm hoping you might support with a small donation using the link below. But it's still free to download if you can't afford it – I understand. Read and enjoy!

Check the Surf Tales Facebook page for updates.


$1 per story seems reasonable to me  = $6

$0.50 per story is affordable = $3

Things are a bit tight but here's a little something to keep you going = $1





DOWNLOAD 'Magic Sandals' (2.9MB)

DOWNLOAD 'Surf Tales – Series 1' (3MB)

DOWNLOAD 'Surf Tales – Series 2' (2MB)


Please e-mail me if you have any questions, feedback or otherwise.

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